How to Make Potting Soil for Blueberry Plants

With two simple ingredients (potting soil & peat moss) anyone can make acidic potting soil for blueberries. Blueberry plants require acidic soil to thrive allowing them to transport nutrients from their roots to the rest of the plant.

I’m talking about potting soil your purchase in bags at your local garden center. Ideally, it should be organic without any add fertilizers, but if you can’t find organic potting soil any potting soil will work. When you purchase potting soil this way it already has perlite in it which helps with drainage and allows oxygen to reach the roots.

To make sure your potting soil is just right for blueberries just mix equal parts potting soil and peat moss.

Once you plant your blueberry add 1 -2 inches of peat moss as a top dressing. This will help maintain the correct moisture and keep the soil acidic.