How to Plant Cherry Tomatoes

Anyone can grow cherry tomatoes at home even if you don't have a green thumb. Grow them in the ground, in pots, or even upside down. Cherry tomatoes are amazing little morsels from mother nature, and they taste amazing fresh from the garden. They are so easy to grow you will be trying to give them away at the end of the season.

Which Cherry Should you Grow?
Your head might be spinning once you find out how many different cherry tomatoes you can grow. Sun Gold and Super Sweet 100 are two of the most popular ones to grow. Both do equally well in a garden or in pots on your deck or patio.  One of my favorite cherry tomatoes is the Yellow Pear it produces a nice bite-sized tomato that has great flavor. Whichever cherry tomato you pick I'm sure you will be delighted.

How to Plant your Cherry Tomato
Tomatoes are actually vines and many will grow until the first frost. The trick to planting tomatoes is to plant them deep. Plant 2/3 of the plant by pulling off leaves. Don't worry it won't hurt the plant. The cool thing is the stem that is underground will start developing roots. A stronger root system means a strong plant and more tomatoes.

How often you should water your Cherry Tomato
Water your cherry tomatoes daily especially when they are fruiting. Water them deeply, but try to keep water off the leaves as it can promote fungus and other diseases.

Fertilizing your Cherry Tomato
A growing tomato is a hungry tomato and you should fertilize it regularly. One of my favorite fertilizers for tomatoes is Dr. Earth Organic, Vegetable, and Herb Fertilizer. I've always had good results and it's organic to boot!

What to do if you find bugs on your Cherry Tomato plant
Ugg! Bugs! Sooner or later you will find bugs on your tomato plants, but don't worry. Most of them are easy to get rid of. The best way to get rid of bugs is to use insecticidal soap. We have a simple recipe that's easy to make and can be used on your roses too.