Three Easy Steps For A Green Lawn

Make your Lawn Thicker and Greener

Everyone loves a nice green yard, and turning your yard into a green wonderland might be easier than you think. If you want to green up your lawn fast you can always paint it green. Ok, that was an attempt at a little humor. Seriously if you want to green up your yard fast the three items you need are iron, lime, and water.

Now if your soil is bad nothing will green up your yard, but if your lawn has been nice and green before there is a really good chance that adding fertilizer with iron, dolomite lime, and water will green it up fast!

Step 1 - Apply a Fertilizer with Iron

Lawns need iron to produce that nice deep green color. The challenge is as the lawn receives water iron starts disappearing either because the lawn consumes it or it travels deeper into the soil out of reach of your lawn roots.  Without iron your lawn has a difficult time making chlorophyll the main component that makes grass green. Applying fertilizer with iron help replenish the iron and gives a little kick of nitrogen. It's kind of like giving your lawn a red bull.

Step 2 - Apply Dolomite Lime

Giving your lawn fertilizer with iron is a good first step, but to help your lawn absorb the iron the lawns need to have the right pH level. If the soil is too acidic your lawn will have a difficult time transporting iron and other important nutrients like nitrogen both required to making your lawn nice a green. Since most soil is acidic (low pH)  applying a prilled dolomite lime helps increase the pH level allowing your lawn to utilize more of the nutrients in your soil. In addition, dolomite lime provides other essential nutrients such as calcium and magnesium to help strengthen the root system of your grass. Dolomite lime is like giving your lawn a multi-vitamin. Tip - Stay away from the powdered lime which can burn your lawn. Oh, and prilled just means the lime is in little round balls just like most fertilizers.

Step 3 - Water Your Yard

Once you have applied your lime and fertilizer the next step is to water it. Tip - you can apply both dolomite lime and your fertilizer at the same time. Give it a good soaking and then water it every other day. If you want to green up your lawn fast don't be stingy with the water. The key is making sure water is getting down to the root system so it can absorb the fertilizer and lime. It's best to water your lawn early in the morning, because if you water in the evening it may not dry fully and promote the growth of mold.

With these three steps, you can have a nice lush green yard in a week or two. If you're looking to green up your lawn up in a few days your only hope is to paint it green. Yes, they have lawn paint and it's often used when there are water restrictions in cities and towns.

Enjoy your nice green yard and subscribe to get the latest tips and tricks for your lawn and garden.